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AES Land Consultants

Established in 2010 by Mr. Jim Mahoney, AES Surveying and Land Planning, Inc. provides engineering and surveying services in the State of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Our ability to provide exceptional services lies in the years of experience in Civil Engineering and Surveying. AES Surveying and Land Planning, Inc. has Professional Surveyor, Professional Surveyor, Draft person and Surveying staff which enables us to meet our client’s needs.

Call AES Land Consultants now (330) 953-0227 or email jim@aes-surveying.com for a quote on your current project.

AES Land Consultants Surveying Services

Situated in Boardman, Ohio in the United States, AES Land Consultants covers the state of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Please select a service from the options below to explore what AES Land Consultants can offer you:

Surveying Services
Topographic surveys and Level surveys for the Industry

1:200 & 1:500 Scale Detailed Land Surveys (Topographic) used for new development planning etc

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Environmental Agency Approved River cross sections and plans

River, Flood Plane & Inland Marina Surveys consisting of Bed Levels and Bank Details. Environmental Agency Approved.

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Floor Plans Elevations and Sections of Dwellings/Factorys

Accurate Measured Building Surveys. Floor Plans, Sections & Elevations for Planning, Refurbishment or Analysing Workflow of Office Space.

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3D Scanning and HDS Surveying
3D Laser

The latest technology used to produce 3D Pointcloud Data of Buildings and Structures. This can then be Manipulated to Produce Floor Plans, Sections & Elevations

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Landfill Design and Volume Calculation

Accurate Measurement of Tips/Quarries etc to establish fill quantities and excavation volumes.

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